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Fire Sprinkler Systems Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange

Fire Sprinkler Systems Los AngelesFraker Fire Protection Inc. is a full service testing, repair and installation company that specializes in fire sprinkler systems . We cater to private residencies, apartment buildings as well as commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Our testing, repair and installation services for fire sprinkler systems meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. NFPA requires that all fire sprinkler systems be serviced on a regular basis to ensure safety and protection should a fire occur.

Fire Sprinkler System Requirements

All of our fire sprinkler services comply with state and local fire department requirements. Our service personnel are properly licensed and certified to perform any inspections, testing or repairs on fire sprinkler systems.

Fraker Fire Protection holds the required licenses issued by the State Fire Marshal and the Contractor’s State Licensing Board. We service and maintain all fire sprinkler systems according to NFPA 25 and Title 19 code requirements.

The State of California Fire Marshal and local Fire Departments require a “5-Year Test” to be performed on all fire sprinkler systems by a qualified C-16 licensed Fire Sprinkler contractor.

NFPA 13 requires fire sprinkler monitoring for systems that have more than 100 sprinkler heads. A central station facility is used for monitoring. They dispatch the Fire Department and/or to the service provider.

Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

Fire Sprinkler Systems are highly effective fire protection measures that use water and pressure. The licensed professionals at Fraker Fire Protection Inc. are required to perform sprinkler inspections in accordance with NFPA 25. They are qualified to inspect all types of fire sprinkler systems.

These inspections include a variety of individual examinations that determine whether the system is operating properly under emergency conditions. The inspections also ensure that there is no damage to the sprinkler system. The examination includes but is not limited to:

  • Regular Water-flow tests
  • Regular Trip tests of dry pipe, pre-action, or deluge valves.
  • Quarterly wet pipe system tests
  • Quarterly control valve tests
  • Quarterly sprinkler head inspections
  • Annual alarm valve tests
  • Quarterly main drain tests
  • Visual inspection of system

Advantages of Fire Sprinkler System Services

According to the United States Fire Administration, nearly 1 million fires occur in the entire nation. In California alone, there are many deaths every year because of fires. By conducting sprinkler maintenance inspections, testing, repairs and installations, we are protecting you and your property in the event of a fire. Fire sprinkler systems that work properly have the following benefits:

  • Fast Response: Sprinkler systems have a prompt response time when a fire occurs due to their detection of fire or heat. New home sprinklers are now available and react very quickly to fires.
  • Low Cost: Sprinklers are affordable to install and maintain and they help save thousands of dollars in property damage.
  • Dramatic Results: Fire sprinklers are largely effective for their ability to extinguish a fire before it gets out of hand.

Many commercial buildings, industrial buildings and other facilities must be equipped with automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Fraker Fire Protection Inc. offers testing, repair and installation of all types and manufacturers of fire sprinkler systems. Sprinklers have been used for an entire century and have saved lives due to their fast response time. Our experienced professionals know exactly which details to inspect on the system. With our reliable and timely services, our team of specialists makes sure that all your fire sprinkler needs are met from repairs to installations. Ensuring the safety of all California citizens is our priority and sprinkler systems are one of the most effective measures.


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