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7 Signs You Need a Fire Sprinkler Servicing

7 Signs You Need a Fire Sprinkler Servicing - Fraker Fire

Want to know what the most effective fire suppressing technology is? One that works. In order to do that, it is vital that you get your fire protection system checked regularly to ensure it is in good working order. Does your fire sprinkler system need a service? Chances are that it probably does.

Today we are going to share with you 7 signs that show when you need a fire sprinkler servicing and ways to easily arrange it.


Do Fire Sprinklers Need Maintenance?

The answer? Absolutely!

Fire sprinklers form an integral part of your defense against fire. Simply put, if they are degraded or not functioning, then you have lost a significant line of defense, which could lead to a highly dangerous situation.

Fire sprinkler systems utilize quite a lot of water. Water, in the long term, can be significantly corrosive. You wouldn’t dream of leaving your water central heating system under-maintained for years. The same logic should apply to your fire sprinkler system.


How Often Should Fire Sprinklers Be Serviced?

Legally speaking, this can depend on the schedule laid out in your state’s fire code, the building type, and the type of system you have fitted.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) gives guidelines in their NFPA-25 document in chapter 5. They recommend that the sprinkler system shall be inspected from the floor level at least once per year.

However, this assumes that the sprinkler system has been undisturbed and is in good working order. There are components, such as the water flow alarm devices, that need testing at least every three months.

The best solution?

Have your sprinkler system serviced immediately, then you know for sure that you are covered.


7 Signs You Need a Fire Sprinkler Servicing

According to NFPA 25, the following are all signs that maintenance must be performed on your sprinkler system.

1. Leaks and Drips

Leaks and drips are never a good thing.

If the fluid is leaking from your sprinkler system, it could indicate damage or corrosion. While a drip might not seem like such a big deal, if this occurs day in, day out, over a long period, you could find that it isn’t there to be used in the system when you really need it.

Also, liquid and electronics can create a fire hazard in their own right! A fire caused by a sprinkler system? Ironic, perhaps, but also pretty dangerous.

2. Evidence of Corrosion

Depending on the material used in the construction of your sprinkler system, you may find that water has corroded certain elements. Old metal pipes are particularly vulnerable.

And consider this. Just because the pipes and joins look good from the outside doesn’t guarantee that they are in perfect condition.

Pipes holding water tend to corrode from the inside out, so you might not even be aware you have a problem. This is particularly true of older systems fitted under less stringent regulations.

3. Damage

Sprinkler systems get damaged all the time for many reasons. Such as:

The time to discover that this has occurred isn’t in the event of a fire. An expert eye cast over your system can easily determine if there is any damage to your sprinklers.

4. Loss of Fluid in the Heat Element

If you have ever looked at a sprinkler system, you’ll no doubt have noticed a brightly colored vial of liquid. This liquid is designed to heat and ‘pop’ the sprinkler valve in the event of a fire.

If these are empty or leaking, the system won’t do its job. How full are yours?

Not sure? It could be time to call in an expert.

5. Recent Renovations?

Recent building work can result in changes to your sprinkler system. Is your system still compliant? Was anything damaged? Are there hidden elements behind, say, a suspended ceiling?

The true answer is that you may not know until it is too late.

The easy answer? Get a consultation and inspection. Some fire protection services can even offer repairs as part of the deal.

6. Impending Fire Inspections

If you have a fire inspection coming up, then your sprinkler system will be examined and scrutinized. It would be a shame to go to all the effort of ensuring you pass only to fail on this particular hurdle. It is such an easy fix.

Of course, inspections are designed not just to be passed but to ensure continuous safety. If you think this isn’t being met, you definitely need to schedule a sprinkler servicing visit.

7. Time

Perhaps you have inherited your sprinkler system from a previous occupier.

  1. How old is that system?
  2. When was it fitted?
  3. Has any of the above-taken place in the past?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “I’m not sure”, then your sprinklers may be falling short of the required standard. Wouldn’t your rather have peace of mind, knowing that your sprinkler system is trustworthy and has been brought right up to date?


Easily Find Fire Sprinkler Servicing

The truth is that sprinkler system maintenance can be a tricky thing to undertake on your own.

Not only must you ensure that any changes are safe and compliant with the law, but they can also actually get pretty messy in untrained hands.

The easy solution? Book a maintenance visit from a trusted fire protection company. They will be able to inspect your system, offer advice and repairs, and even attend on a given schedule to ensure the continued fidelity of your sprinkler system.

Fraker Fire Protection is a professional company offering all of the above in the California area. They can offer expert advice and guidance on your sprinkler system and even offer brand new sprinkler installation, which might be a cheaper and more reliable option.

Why not contact Fraker Fire today and find out what we can do for you?

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