Why You Should Have a Fire Extinguisher Service LA County

Posted On: March 30th, 2022


Fire safety is – and should be – a top priority for businesses and homes in LA County. One of the numerous commercial options to ensure your business remains in safe hands includes fire extinguishers. These are not the regular fire extinguishers found in many homes today. The fire extinguisher in your home is of a small variety and can be changed when exhausted. The type of fire extinguishers used in today’s business facilities is expected to be more powerful. They should also be capable of handling larger areas when used to quench fires. To ensure that your fire extinguisher can do this effectively, you need a fire extinguisher service in LA County. 

Why Should You Have a Fire Extinguisher Service LA County? 

Performing a fire extinguisher service annually in LA County is crucial for any business that wants to remain relevant. Your fire extinguishers should be inspected at least once a month. 

Fire extinguisher service should only be performed by a licensed company like Fraker Fire. 

 Here are other reasons why you should have a fire extinguisher service in LA County: 

Adhering to Fire Safety Laws 

Most businesses in LA County are mandated to follow specified fire safety laws. If your business facility experiences any fire incident, you must ensure that you have provided adequate maintenance to your fire extinguishers. 

If you can’t show or prove that you adhered to the laws concerning fire safety in LA County, you may be liable to legal action. You may also not be able to collect your insurance. 

Checking for Rusting and Leaks 

Another reason for regular fire extinguisher service in LA County is to check for rust, dents, leaks, holes on the extinguisher, chemical deposits, as well as wear and tear. 

These threats may render your fire extinguisher incapable of performing optimally when you have to combat fire during an emergency. It is crucial to eliminate these threats by fixing them one after the other. 

Ignoring them will put the lives of your employees at risk and have grave consequences for your business facility. You may also be charged in court if it is discovered that you failed to perform proper fire extinguisher services. 

Pressure Checks 

The pressure of a fire extinguisher should always be at the recommended level. You may have no idea how to achieve this or even know the recommended level. The pressure in your fire extinguishers may be somewhat low without you knowing. 

This is why you should perform fire extinguisher service from time to time. You can invite a licensed company like Fraker Fire to your business facility to conduct fire extinguisher services. 

The certified experts know the exact amount of pressure every type of fire extinguisher should hold. If they discover any anomaly in your fire extinguisher, they can fix it for you immediately. 

If they also discover that the pressure level is above the recommended one, they can fix this issue. In most cases, the needle on a fire extinguisher should always be within the green zone. 

But do not take any chances. This is why Fraker Fire is available to help you carry out regular fire extinguisher service in LA County. 

Accessibility to the Fire Extinguishers 

All fire extinguishers within a business facility should be readily accessible to all employees. They should be at least 75 feet from where an employee may be within the property in LA County. 

This ensures that when there is an emergency or sudden fire outbreak on the business premises, these fire extinguishers can be reached without any hitch and in the fastest period. 

There is less chance of extensive damage to the building, equipment, etc if discovered early and battled early. It also creates enough time for other employees to vacate the building while awaiting fire emergency services to storm the area. 

But if these fire extinguishers cannot be readily accessible during a fire outbreak, a lot of damage or even loss of life may occur. 

You may not realize this, especially if your primary concern is your business and how people can get to safety during fire emergencies. But performing a fire extinguisher service may point out this issue so that you can make all necessary adjustments to ensure all extinguishers are readily accessible during fire outbreaks. 

Educating Employees on Types of Fire Extinguishers to Use During Emergencies 

All fire extinguishers are not the same. They are not a one-size-fits-all solution for every type of fire.  

Fire extinguishers are classified as Types A, BC, ABC, or K. Using the correct type of fire extinguisher for a particular class of fire is highly crucial. If you use the wrong type of extinguisher to quench a specific class of fire, it may result in severe damage to property or personal injury. 

This is why your staff members should undertake training from time to time from a licensed company like Fraker Fire. The company educates employees on the specific type of fire extinguisher to use for a particular class of fire. 

For instance, it is not ideal to use a Type A fire extinguisher for quenching fires ignited by flammable liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, etc. In order to stay safe during fire emergencies, your staff should learn basic information.


Having an annual fire extinguisher service in LA County is your #1 best for fire prevention and safety. Performing this exercise – including the monthly inspection of fire extinguishers in your business facility – keeps you covered when the worst-case scenario occurs. 

These devices that help save life and property can suddenly fail to perform optimally or as expected due to a lack of thorough maintenance or regular inspection – via a fire extinguisher service. 

You will be able to prove that you stuck to state guidelines regarding fire safety and prevention without any iota of doubt. You can also prove how you stayed right on top of your regular fire protection/fire extinguisher services. 

This makes it easier to recoup all losses via your insurance company. 

However, when and if one occurs without warning, you will be grateful for the time and financial commitment in maintaining your fire extinguishers or equipment. 

Contact Fraker Fire today to set up Fire Extinguisher Service LA!

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