Public buildings in the state of California are required to comply with a variety of codes and regulations that are designed to minimize the threat posed by fires. Given the complex nature of these regulations, however, code compliance can be difficult. To address the widespread demand for guidance in conforming to these codes, Fraker Fire Protection Inc. offers skilled fire consulting services from our trained and certified fire safety consultants.

Our fire code consultants will analyze your building plans or existing structure, and its various features (escape routes, building materials, and more), to determine which specific fire protection systems and devices are needed to ensure compliance.

Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection is a multi-faceted discipline. There are many factors that our fire safety consultants must take into consideration, and any code compliance program will involve multiple devices and design features in any given building.

Fire protection systems are commonly divided into two distinct branches: active fire protection and passive fire protection. Both types of systems are required to ensure compliance.

  • Active fire protection systems – These involve devices that must be put into action, either manually or automatically, in response to a fire event. Fire extinguishers, overhead sprinklers, and alarms are common features of active fire protection systems.
  • Passive fire protection systems – These are permanent elements of a building that are designed to impede the spread of fire. Fire-resistant doors, walls, and floors are common features of passive fire protection systems, as are dampers and photoluminescent path markers.

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As one of the leading fire protection companies in Southern California, Fraker Fire Protection Inc. has provided building code consulting services to many clients in Ventura, Orange, and Los Angeles counties, as well as the Inland Empire. Our fire code consultants are familiar with all regulations that pertain to the state of California. Call us toll-free at (866) 560-3473 or contact us online to learn more about our fire consulting services.

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