Cheif’s Regulation 4 Testing

At Fraker Fire Protection Inc., we specialize in testing the Los Angeles Fire Department Chief’s Regulation 4 procedures in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, as well as the Inland Empire.

The Chief’s Regulation 4 formulates the requirements on the testing and repair of fire protection equipment. If your apartment, office, governmental facility, or commercial building has fire protection equipment, then the Los Angeles Fire Department requires you to comply with an annual test in accordance with these rules and regulations.

As certified Regulation 4 testers, we have the experience and the resources to perform Regulation 4 testing on any fire protection system. We offer affordable rates for property owners.


Why Is Regulation 4 Testing Important?

It is crucial to have your fire protection systems tested under Chief’s Regulation Number 4 in order to minimize the likelihood of property damage or injuries in the event of a fire. However, only a certified tester can perform the testing. Because of our reputable customer service, our clients can agree that we’re the best company equipped for the job.

Our skilled technicians are certified by the State Fire Marshal and/or the Contractors State License Board, and we comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations, State of California regulations, and local fire department requirements.

Failure to consent to a Regulation 4 test can result in heavy fines or the complete shutdown of your building.


What We Test

Fraker Fire Protection Inc. does Regulation 4 testing on all of the following:

  • Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies
  • Automatic Sprinkler
  • Basic and Complex Fire Alarm Systems
  • Central Station
  • Class II Standpipes
  • Class III Standpipes
  • Combined Standpipe
  • Elevator Witness Only
  • Emergency Generator and Battery Systems
  • Fire Escape Assemblies
  • Fire Pumps
  • Mechanical Smoke Proof Enclosures
  • Pressurized Stairshaft
  • Smoke Evacuation (909/905)

Each of these systems requires a thorough examination to make sure they’re in perfect working condition. Since testing some of these systems may set off alarms within your building, all tenants must be notified prior to the beginning of a test.

In case your fire systems prove to be defective, any additions or repairs have to be completed within 30 days of your initial test. Only systems that fail to pass a Regulation 4 the first time will be retested. You can count on Fraker Fire Protection Inc. to help you pass your test, and if necessary, make repairs.


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

We’ve been in the business of ensuring our clients’ safety and protection for over 45 years. If you’d like more information on Chief’s Regulation 4, or our other services, feel free to contact us online or call us toll-free at (866) 560-3473. Let us help you test your properties’ fire suppression systems today!

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