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Central Station Monitoring

One of the services offered at Fraker Fire Protection is the testing, repair and installation of Central Station Monitoring systems. We serve all types of businesses, apartment buildings, industrial centers and private residences in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

As a full service fire protection systems company, Fraker Fire Protection meets all state and local fire department requirements. Central station monitoring systems are required by the National Fire Protection Association for central station systems. We make it our priority to meet all fire department standards and that you have a working central station monitoring system for your safety.

To execute our reliable services, we have a team of licensed technicians who have all the knowledge and experience to handle your fire protection needs. Our specialists are licensed by the State Fire Marshal and/or the Contractors State License Board. Having fire sprinklers and fire alarms is just one part of the equation. Having a functional central station monitoring system is another integral part that ensures the safety of your people.


Central Station Monitoring Requirements

Fraker Fire Protection is an approved dealer for a UL-Certified monitoring facility. All our services comply with all National Fire Protection Association standards, local fire departments and California Code of Regulations.


Requires a central station monitoring system for a fire sprinkler system that has more than 100 heads. The monitoring system is a type of remote central station, as opposed to one that exists on the premises, that receives certain signals that come from a sprinkler system. Once the signals are received, our central station facility will dispatch the fire department if an alarm signal is received. The central station monitoring system is reliable, prompt and efficient.


Requires the central station monitoring system to send out waterflow switch signals, trouble signals, alarm signals, and so on. The monitoring system must also be protected by a smoke detector and send out signals if any of the sprinkler valves are tampered with. Fraker Fire Protection ensures that these requirements required by the NFPA are met.

Additionally, NFPA requires the central station monitoring panel be located in an electrical or telephone room, main lobby area or by the main sprinkler riser. Inspections are required to be held on a regular basis and Fraker Fire Protection offers both testing and inspection services for central station monitoring systems. We are licensed to install a fire monitoring system for your facilities.


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Fraker Fire Protection is dedicated to offering quality and reliable fire protection services. We are here to provide testing, repairs and installation of all types of fire protection systems including central station monitoring systems in Southern California. We want to make sure you are fully protected in the event of a fire and a central station monitoring system will insure this.

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