Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance Service in Los Angeles

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a crucial means of protection that can control fires and prevent them from spreading excessively. Portable fire extinguishers can be easily deployed at the onset of a fire and are highly effective in containing the spread of a blaze. We offer an extensive line of extinguishers, classified according to type, that are suitable for any kind of facility, including offices, apartment buildings, homes, and restaurants.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Class A Fire Extinguishers
These put out fires that begin on combustible material including paper, wood, rubber, cloth and various types of plastics.

Class B Fire Extinguishers
These are used against fires produced by flammable liquids including grease, oil, gasoline and oil-based paints.

Class C Fire Extinguishers
These are used to control fires that are caused by electrical equipment including tools and appliances.

Class D Fire Extinguishers
These are used in industrial situations on flammable metals and must be used according to the specific type of metal.

Class K Fire Extinguishers
These are designed for use during fires caused by vegetable oils, animal oils and other fats used in cooking equipment. Class K extinguishers are used in commercial kitchens including restaurants, cafeterias and catering facilities. They can also be used in residential kitchens.

Having the right type of fire extinguisher is critical for controlling the spread of a fire. Anyone who is physically capable can operate a fire extinguisher, but it is important to undergo proper training for using these emergency protection devices properly.

Our Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Our fire extinguisher services are fully compliant with Title 19 of the State Fire Marshal Regulations and local Fire Department Regulation requirements.

These requirements mandate that all fire extinguishers undergo the following services according to a given schedule:

  • Monthly inspections – Primarily a visual inspection
  • Annual maintenance service – More in depth than a monthly inspection; must be performed by a certified professional
  • Hydrostatic testing – Every 5 or 12 years, depending on type of extinguisher

In addition, fire extinguishers must be inspected after any incident that requires their use. Fire extinguishers in California are required to be recharged every 6 years.

Fraker Fire also provides clients with relevant information regarding the proper use of extinguishing systems.

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How Our Fire Extinguisher Testing Service Works

The proper storage and maintenance of your fire extinguishers is vital for ensuring your safety and your compliance with regulations. We will make sure that your facilities contain functional and compliant fire extinguishers through our certified inspection, testing, and routine maintenance program.

While at your site, our maintenance technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection of your fire extinguisher. The process runs as follows:

Step #1 – Visual Inspection

  • Check to see if the extinguisher is properly mounted
  • Check manufacturing date
  • Check date of last test
  • Check gauge pressure
  • Check for corrosion on valve
  • Check for corrosion on shell
  • Check to ensure extinguisher is the proper class for the environment
  • Check the valve opening for obstructions
  • Check to see if operating instructions are legible

Step #2 – Physical Inspection

  • Check the weight of the extinguisher
  • Check the handles
  • Check the seal
  • Check the locking pin
  • Ensure the fire extinguisher is clean
  • Remount the fire extinguisher properly
  • Check the discharge horn
  • Check the hose for imperfections

Step #3 – Provide Required Documentation

  • The technician will ensure that the time and type of inspection or maintenance service is correctly notated on the tag of the fire extinguisher.

Why Fraker Fire?

The fire extinguishers offered by Fraker Fire Protection Inc. come in a variety of types and sizes and are installed and serviced according to the National Fire Protection Association 10 (NFPA). Our installers and service personnel are certified by the State Fire Marshal and/or Contractors State License Board. With Fraker Fire in your corner, you don’t need to worry about how and where to get your fire extinguishers inspected and serviced—just let our technicians handle everything.

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