Fire Pump Systems

Fraker Fire Protection Inc. is a full service fire protection company that tests, repairs and installs various fire protection systems. Hundreds of people rely on the 45 years of experience that Fraker Fire Protection has to offer for their protective needs. We offer numerous services for various fire protection systems and equipment including fire pumps. We do testing, repairs and installation of fire pumps for anyone in the Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and Inland Empire areas.

Not only are we your one stop source for all fire protection needs, we also comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations, State of California regulations and local fire department requirements. Our skilled technicians are certified and licensed by the State Fire Marshal and/or the Contractors State License Board. We have the knowledge and the resources to meet the specific needs of your facility whether it is a commercial building, industrial center, school or hospital.

Fire Pump Regulations

When it comes to fire protection systems, the National Fire Protection Association and other State and Local fire departments prescribe a variety of regulations and Fraker Fire meets all standards.

NFPA 20 and NFPA 25 standards establish the requirements of inspection, testing and maintenance of fire pump equipment and water-based fire protection systems in order to protect people and property from damages caused by fires. All fire pumps are tested to ensure that their flow is at 100% and 150%.

When testing fire pumps, our technicians will determine that the fire pump, controller, remote status panel, water supply, fire pump test header and all other parts are working properly and are in compliance with NFPA regulations.

It is important to have a trusted and reliable full service fire protection company to take care of all your fire protection needs. Fires are devastating occurrences and having the right equipment and systems will ensure the safety of your people and facility. In California alone, we have many unfortunate deaths caused by fires in typical year. Fraker Fire Protection Inc. is dedicated to offering quality services to help you stay protected and to reduce the large number of deaths.

We are a certified company with licensed technicians who know how to handle the inspection, tests, repairs and installation of various fire protection systems including fire pumps. Remember that it is the law to have your systems checked and you can count on our services by calling today.

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