What to Look for in a Fire Inspection Company in Los Angeles

Posted On: January 25th, 2022

Big cities certainly offer many choices, but just like any service or product, there is the good… And the not so good. Suppose you are looking for a fire inspection company in Los Angeles. In that case, you are undoubtedly already aware that there are plenty of options. But, what factors are you going to use to make your decision? Well, relax, as today we will explain in detail what to look for in a fire inspection company in Los Angeles to make your decision easy. 

Fire Inspection Companies in LA | 8 Key Things to Look for 

Fire protection is not something you want to take a chance with. The more comprehensive, the better. Here are the things that a good fire inspection company should offer as standard. 


No two properties or businesses in LA are alike. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ regarding fire protection and inspection. Buildings all have different geometry, occupants, purposes, and fire protection systems of various types and ages. 

What it boils down to is this.  

In large cities like Los Angeles, everyone’s fire protection requirements are different. So how do you manage and stay as safe as possible? 

It’s actually pretty easy. By recruiting a fire protection company that offers consultancy services, you’ll have your own expert on hand who can advise on the entirety of your system, suggest improvements and ensure that you are covered, both legally and in reality.  


It stands to reason that the more practice an organization has, the better it will be in providing a service? 

Newer companies may promise the earth, but will they be there in the future? 

When looking for fire inspection companies in Los Angeles, an easy solution is to choose one with a solid history. Those who don’t succeed don’t last, and the proof of companies being good at what they do is their longevity.  

Fully Qualified 

If you have a piece of safety equipment installed or inspected, you will want to ensure that it performs reliably 100% of the time. The key to achieving this goal is to utilize the services of a fire inspection company that only utilizes qualified staff to install and inspect your fire protection equipment.  

And that doesn’t just count for one piece of fire protection equipment. 

It should apply to all of them. 

Fire inspections are an important part of ensuring continued serviceability. By ensuring that your equipment is installed and maintained by fully qualified personnel, you can be certain that it will also pass fire inspections, according to the local and state fire codes. 

REG 4 Certified 

While discussing fire certification and codes, it is worth looking at Los Angeles Fire Chief Regulation 4 procedures. 

If you aren’t sure what they are, this article may help 

There aren’t that many Reg #4 fire inspectors around, so you’ll want to ensure that your fire inspection is successful. First time.  

Ensuring that you utilize the correct fire inspection service in Los Angeles, fully conversant in Reg 4 procedures, will save you time and money. 

An All-in-One Solution 

With an area as diverse as fire protection systems, you’ll probably know by now that many different facets fall under the umbrella of ‘fire protection.’ 

Certain companies may specialize only in one area. If you have a simple system, this might suffice. Still, you may be surprised to learn that some fire protection systems, such as central station monitoring, are interlinked with other systems.  

It can be difficult to know who to call and a nightmare coordinating a group effort if you have an unserviceability. 

You simply want your entire fire protection system to work, not become a project manager. 

The answer? 

Look for a fire inspection company in Los Angeles that can become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your needs. If they can fit or maintain your entire system, that is a quality well worth looking for.   

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Fire Inspectors 

Fire protection systems need to be checked and maintained constantly. Part of this process is inspection. 

Which sounds better to you? Someone with no knowledge of who you are and your aims, or a company with whom you build an ongoing relationship? 

The latter is obviously more preferable. 

Choose a fire inspection company that will be helpful, friendly, and efficient. 

An Extensive Range of Systems 

Occasionally, an inspection will throw up a deficiency or identify an area where improvements could be made. 

This isn’t a bad thing. That is the whole point of an inspection.  

It’s what you do to rectify it that counts. Imagine having a working relationship with a company that not only could identify a problem but have the tools, products, and equipment on hand to rectify it in short order? 

In a big city like Los Angeles? Easier said than done. 

Fraker Fire Protection Inc. Can offer all of the following systems and services

  • Central Station Monitoring  
  • Elevator Recall Systems 
  • Emergency Exit and Lighting Systems 
  • Fire Alarm Systems 
  • Fire Door and Assembly 
  • Extinguishers 
  • Fire Pumps 
  • Sprinkler System Maintenance and Overhaul 
  • Standpipe Systems 
  • Fire Hose Cabinet Installation 
  • Consulting Service 
  • And Much More… 

Easily Reachable 

You’ve got a problem and need it fixed fast?  

You are going to want somebody there. Not only that, but they should be easy to reach too. It’s no good sending an unanswered email while you’ve got leaks in your sprinkler system! 

Ideally, you should look for a fire protection company that has several ways to contact them and is easily reachable. 

Fraker Fire Protection is based in Los Angeles and satisfies all of the above criteria. Having been in business for over 45 years, we know all the rules and regulations that must be passed to meet the strict fire codes and regulations. We also have experienced and fully qualified technicians in a whole manner of fire protection systems. Knowing what to Look for in a Fire Inspection Company in Los Angeles is only half the challenge. Choosing the right one is the other. Why not make a great choice in us today? 

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