The Importance Of A Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Posted On: February 10th, 2021

Kitchens are the source of many fires, both in commercial and residential buildings. Of course they would be when there are so many heat sources that can cause ablaze. That’s why a kitchen fire suppression system is so important. Which type is right for you, and how are they used?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Where Can You Install a Fire Suppression System? 

When thinking about kitchen fire suppression systems, you’ll usually think about them being used in commercial kitchens. That is a great place for them to be installed, but that’s not the only place they’re useful. They are perfect for any area where there may be many cooking appliances. For example, you can have them installed in student housing, hostels, apartment buildings, and more.

When the system is installed, it works best in an extractor fan hood above the stove, or in cabinets that are next to the area. The closer they are to the likely source of a fire, the better they will work.

They work well in these situations as you can rely on the suppression system to put out a fire, rather than the person staying in that space. They may understandably panic if a fire breaks out, maybe asleep, or not in the room at all. The system will handle it so the damage is minimal.

How Fire Suppression Systems Work

If you have a system installed, how does it work? Most suppression systems work by targeting a certain cooking appliance, such as the stove. When the system detects a certain heat level, the pressurized tubing inside will burst. This will trigger the extinguishing material to release and coat the appliance, putting the fire out.

You can get several different types of systems, depending on what you need to protect. These can release anything from water to wet chemical agents, depending on what’s needed. That’s so important as many kitchen fires will be oil-based, so you need the correct extinguishing material to put it out quickly.

Your system will also come with a pressure switch, which will cut power to the appliance when the fire is detected. This helps cut off the source of fuel to the fire, as well as helps protect the equipment so it won’t be damaged further.

The Benefits of a Fire Suppression System

There are lots of reasons why you may want to install a fire suppression system in your kitchen. Here are a few reasons why they’re so beneficial:

Stop fires in their tracks: The most important thing about a suppression system is that it stops a fire as soon as it starts. The detection system ensures that the system releases the extinguishing materials as quickly as possible. There’s no risk of fire spreading as it will be put out as soon as it starts. 

Avoid shutting down the kitchen: In a commercial kitchen, you don’t want to lose any more time than you have to. If a fire breaks out, that will require you to shut down the kitchen and evacuate everyone, which loses you time and money. With a fire suppression system, that won’t happen. Instead, the fire will be put out before it really gets a chance to start. Your staff can then simply clean up, and then carry on as normal. Any other guests in the building won’t even know there was a fire. 

Reduce fire damage: With fire comes damage and the expense of that damage. When you have a fire, you’ll need to pay for the repair or replacement of anything that was damaged. That’ll be the equipment that caught fire, as well as anything near it that went up too. With a fire suppression system, that won’t happen. The fire is put out right away, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. As the fire goes out so quickly, it won’t have time to really cause any damage at all.

Improve safety: Safety in a kitchen is so important. Whether you’re dealing with kitchen staff or tenants, you need to ensure they’re protected from the risk of fire. With a fire suppression system, you don’t have to worry about them being injured in any way. The fire is put out automatically, and they won’t risk being trapped by fire, or suffering any other injuries.

Possibly improve insurance rates: Something to consider when thinking about installing fire suppression systems is insurance rates. You’ll need to have fire prevention systems in place, such as sprinklers, in order to comply with fire regulation codes. However, if you have extra systems like this, it may actually improve your insurance rates. You can talk to your insurance company and see what they have to say. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Fires are put out without intervention: As noted above, it’s very easy to panic when you’re confronted by a fire. If there is a fire, that reaction time is critical as it can spread so fast. Even if you have the right equipment in the room, like an extinguisher or a fire blanket, you may not be fast enough to tackle the blaze. With a fire suppression system though, you don’t have to worry about reaction times. Instead, it will kick in instantly and tackle it for you.


Call in the Experts

If you’re thinking of installing a fire suppression system, you’ll want to call on fire safety consultants to help you. They can inspect the area, and find the best places to install the systems in your building. They’ll also be able to advise on the right type of extinguishers too, so you’ll use the right one for putting out kitchen fires. Call on them before you start installing, and you’ll have just the right system in your building.

Fire suppression systems are so helpful when it comes to fire safety in any kitchen. They can put out a fire in seconds, keeping you safe and the kitchen largely undamaged. If you don’t have any yet, look into having some installed today.

The Importance Of A Kitchen Fire Suppression System - Fraker Fire

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