Fire Alarm Installation- Why You Need Full-Service Installation

Posted On: February 1st, 2022

Fire alarm installation is one of the most crucial measures you can take in order to mitigate or manage fire risks. Although we are now much better equipped than ever before to handle different levels of blazes, fire safety should never be taken for granted. This is why you should always be ready to support your business facility or premises – as well as the individuals within it – with an authentic full-service fire alarm system they can readily depend on. 

The Importance of Fire Alarm Installation 

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), more than 113,000 non-residential fires erupted in the United States in 2015 only. These unique events claimed the lives of 90 civilians and put up to 1,425 individuals in hospital with various degrees of injuries caused by fires. It also caused severe damages to properties worth $3.1 billion. 

Therefore, if you have never experienced in any measure what it is like to recover from a devastating fire, then count yourself lucky. But that luck may not hold up for long if you neglect to carry out fire alarm installation in your residence or commercial facility. 

Therefore, get a professional full-service fire alarm installation company to install fire alarm systems in your commercial premises and residence. Do it for these primary reasons: 

Fire Alarm Systems Save Lives 

The #1 reason for installing a fire alarm system is to ensure your commercial building is safe for you, your customers, employees, and even tenants. A professional full-service fire alarm installation company offers a combination of heat and smoke detectors, strobe lights, sirens, and bells that detect fires and readily alert occupants of the building. This will give them more than enough time to evacuate the building in zero panic mode. 

Fire Alarm Systems Keep You Compliant to Fire Codes 

It is never good to get caught up in fire code-compliance issues with the authorities. Installing a conventional fire alarm system in your commercial building. 

Fire Alarm Systems Minimize Loss of Property 

Although sirens and strobe lights cannot actively extinguish fires, they quickly alert those who can.  

Fire control processes kick into gear when every trained personnel combats fires with an extinguisher while others contact the local fire department. 

Every monitored fire alarm system also notifies emergency responders automatically, so that fire trucks are swiftly dispatched to the location of the fire within seconds.  

Faster responses to fire incidences equal minor damage as the fire gets extinguished quicker and in less time. 

Why You Need Full-Service Fire Alarm Installation 

Installation and Design 

You need an expert to handle fire alarm installation and design in your residential or commercial premises. This is crucial even if you want to upgrade the fire alarm and detection system or set up a new one in a recently erected building. 

Having a professional handle fire alarm installation and design ensures that all legal rules, as well as fire code requirements, will be adhered to strictly. Moreover, an expert will efficiently design and install a durable or long-lasting fire alarm system. 

Professionals – such as Fraker Fire Company – can also recommend the type of fire alarm system suitable for your commercial building or residential property. They know and can point out most factors that laymen or amateurs do not really consider regarding fire alarm installation. 

For instance, most amateurs in this field are not aware that they must stick to the location or number of fire alarms installed in specific areas. But professionals know the exact locations and number of fire alarm systems that matter for legal reasons. They know every innovative fire alarm device on the market today, including the new smoke detectors that work only for carbon monoxide, etc. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring 

Many small and large organizations have state-of-the-art fire alarm systems installed strategically. This is a good safety measure; the only problem is that it won’t mean anything if there is a fire outbreak and no one in the building hears anything.  

If the fire department is not aware of any emergency caused by a sudden fire outbreak, responding to the situation may be a bit late, and properties worth millions – and even lives – may be lost. 

Therefore, it is essential to get experts who offer fire alarm monitoring services. Only a full-service fire alarm installation company offers 24-hour services and will contact you and the fire department in case of an emergency. 

This means you can go about your business with profound peace of mind, knowing that anything that has to do with fire safety is fully covered and under control. 

Maintenance and Testing 

Fire alarm system maintenance is very crucial and should never be underestimated. This is one of the reasons annual maintenance and testing is both a local and international requirement for every Fire Alarm System. 

A professional fire alarm service provider should be willing to work hand in hand with you. Together, you can set up a schedule that adheres strictly to the local fire code. This ensures that your fire alarm system will function when needed or required. 


Mitigating and efficiently managing fire risks in residential or commercial premises are highly crucial. 

If your property doesn’t have an installed fire alarm system in place or has a rarely-tested outdated fire alarm system, it is high time you did something about it. 

Call on Fraker Fire, a leading and trusted full-service fire alarm installation company. Fraker Fire is a UL-listed fire organization that has undergone highly intense testing processes and is successfully certified. They are conversant with every state-of-the-art fire alarm and detection system and are highly conversant with all legal rules and fire code requirements. 

Get in touch with Fraker Fire today, and you will be glad you did! 

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