Should you Have a Home Fire Extinguisher? What to Know

Posted On: August 11th, 2021

When fire breaks out, there are several ways you can deal with it. One of the most effective ways is to use a fire extinguisher. Should you have a home fire extinguisher? Yes, absolutely. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about installing a fire extinguisher in your home. We will also give you some great tips on how to choose the right one for the job.


A Home Fire Extinguisher | Reasons For Getting One

The number one reason why you should consider getting a home fire extinguisher?

Two words. Fire safety.

While it may seem obvious, having a reliable means to control and suppress a fire increases your chances of the entire situation having a positive outcome. Speaking more specifically, here are some great reasons to get one:

  • Preventing a Larger Fire

There is not a single large fire in history that started as a huge blaze. Not one! Every single large fire began as a small fire. If you can quickly and efficiently deal with a small fire, you can prevent it from spreading.

Certain fire extinguishers work really effectively to cool the area around a small blaze. This reduces the risk of fire spreading into other areas.

  • Beating a Path to Escape

While there may be a temptation to battle a blaze on your own, often the safest course of action is to escape the situation and get you and your family to safety as quickly as possible. If it has got to the point where the situation is unmanageable, then the fire is likely out of control.

This is a dangerous situation…

A good quality fire extinguisher will allow you to clear a path to safety and escape. From there, you will be able to call the professionals to deal with the blaze.

  • Having a Plan in Advance

One great way to mitigate the risk of fire in your home is to have a fire escape plan. You’ll find that most good fire escape plans have a point where you will access a fire extinguisher to help others evacuate if needed.

  • Preventing Bad Outcomes

At this point, you might be thinking along the lines of “I have a faucet, isn’t that enough?”

In short…

No. Certain types of fire, such as grease and electrical fires, can’t be extinguished with water alone. If you try this, then you are putting yourself at even greater risk! In the case of grease fires, adding water will only worsen the situation and cause huge flare-ups that are extremely dangerous.

Likewise, water is a great conductor of electricity. This could lead to a nasty shock or worse. This is not what you need when a fire is taking hold.


What Kind of Fire Extinguisher Should I Have in My Home?

There are many brands of fire extinguishers on the market. However, choosing the right one is not as simple as ‘picking a brand’.

You need to consider where the fire is most likely to break out in your home and what type of fire extinguisher you will need to deal with it.

You could even consider having more than one fire extinguisher for different rooms in the house. A fire extinguisher in your bedroom may need to be different than the one you would likely use in the kitchen.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of fire extinguishers:

  • Class A Extinguishers

These fire extinguishers are very common and used to put out fires involving solid materials (non-electrical) such as wood, paper, rubber, and plastics. They are a good general-purpose fire extinguisher; however, they are not suitable for extinguishing burning liquids.

  • Class B Extinguishers

Class B fire extinguishers are a good all-around solution, especially in kitchens and garages. They are mainly used on liquid fires and gas-based fires. They are especially good with grease fires but must be used with caution as the force of the extinguisher can push burning liquids around.

  • Class C Extinguishers

These are great choices if you have lots of electrical equipment, such as an office or workshop (or even a kitchen).

  • Class D Extinguishers

You won’t tend to find many class D extinguishers for use in the home. They are well suited to industrial situations and are ideal for putting out burning metal. They are often made for specific types of metal.

  • Class K Extinguishers

Class K extinguishers are most often used for putting out grease fires and those caused by oils. These are a great choice if you are looking for a fire extinguisher to use in the kitchen.


What Should I Look For When Purchasing a Home Fire Extinguisher?

Choosing the right fire extinguisher takes a little bit of thought. Here are things that you’ll need to consider:

  • Size

While a large fire extinguisher is better, it has to be practical. Be sure to pick a size that is easy to store and transport when you need to use it.

  • Type

Pick the right type of fire extinguisher for the area in which it is going to be located. While it might sound obvious, it is very easy to panic and use the incorrect extinguisher in the wrong situation. You can reduce the risk by having the correct type in the correct location.

  • Ease of Use

You will want a fire extinguisher that is simple to use. In simple terms, the quicker it is to deploy, the more chance you have of getting a blaze under control.



Fire extinguishers have a shelf-life and do need to be maintained regularly. This isn’t a ‘buy and forget’ kind of deal. If you are in doubt about an existing fire extinguisher that you already possess. Contact a professional fire protection company for assistance.

Fraker Fire offers expert guidance on fire extinguishers and other systems, both in your home and for businesses. If you are unsure about fire safety, they can advise and even help you choose the right fire extinguisher for your home. Why not contact them today?

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